MTSU Tailgate Event Details – Saturday September 8th!

Details about the Tailgate Event at MTSU tomorrow!

Game time is 6pm

Serving food at the Big G Tent from 4-6pm

Activities in “The Grove” where our tent is set up begins at 1:30 and shuts down at 5:30 – I attached the map of the grove with the different activities (FREE)

I would suggest to get there early for the kids to enjoy – Laser Tag, Climbing Wall, Inflatable Slide, Bounce House, Bungee Run, Facepainting, Photobooth, (Free) Custom License Plates

“The Grove” or “Walnut Grove” is the tailgate area where our tent is set up and all the activities will be going on prior to the game.



I suggest you try to park at the Bell Street Lot off Middle Tennessee Blvd if possible

Address for the lot is 1100 E Bell St, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

You can cross the street at that light and walk right into the Grove area and our tent will be to the right, back corner coming from that direction. The Bell Street Lot is FREE and there will be parking on the streets and plenty of free options around campus. The “Greenland Lot” is paid parking if you want to be prepared with cash. If you park on the Greenland Drive side of the stadium, you will walk past the stadium to get to the tailgate area.

Our tent is directly behind “Cope Administration Building” if you turn right on East Main from Middle Tennessee Blvd and turn left on Old Main Circle you can drive around and drop off someone (or get lucky and get a parking spot).

If you have someone dropping you off, use the address for Cope Administration Building 315 Visitor’s Circle, Murfreesboro, TN 37132.

MTSU Family Event September 8th – Reserve Your Tickets!

Let us know if you plan to attend the MTSU Tailgate and Football Game on Saturday September 8th!

We will serve food from 4-6pm at the tailgate tent and the game starts at 6pm. You can come for the meal and not attend the game – we give you the option to let us know when you

click here to reserve tickets and food for the tailgate!

This event is for you and your family and we will provide the food and tickets!

More details on the location of the tent closer to the date. Email if you have any questions.


Benefit Open Enrollment Details and Instructions

Benefit Open Enrollment Now through August 24th

Open Enrollment for benefits will be available until August 24th! Open enrollment is your opportunity to:

  • Add or Drop Benefits
  • Change Benefit Elections
  • Add or Drop Dependents
  • Update Beneficiary Information

If you take no action during open enrollment, your current benefit elections will roll over!

Reminder: You will not have the opportunity to enroll or make changes until the next open enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying life event such as marriage, divorce, birth, or adoption.

No Changes to Medical, Life, and Disability Plans or Contributions!

Big G Express is excited to announce that there are no changes to your medical, life, and disability plans or contributions. We do have a few slight changes regarding how employees enroll this year as well as a new provider on the Accident & Critical Illness Plans (explained below).

CLICK HERE FOR THE 2018-2019 Benefit Guide

VOYA Replaces AFLAC for Critical Illness and Accident Coverage

We shopped the market for an enhanced coverage at a more reasonable rate and Voya is now our carrier for Critical Illness and Accident Coverage. Voya does not have a waiting period whereas AFLAC had a 6 month waiting period. We also received a small reduction in our rates.

Voya Accident Insurance

The new VOYA Accident plan features enhanced benefits at slightly lower rates than the Aflac plan offered. Highlights are included in this guide.

If you are currently enrolled in the Aflac Accident plan, you will be automatically rolled over to the new plan in the same tier. If already enrolled, you do not need to take action unless you want to add dependents, drop or make changes to your coverage elections.

Voya Critical Illness Insurance

The new Critical Illness plan features similar covered conditions as the Aflac plan – but at lower rates! Highlights are included in the benefit guide.

If you are currently enrolled in the Aflac Critical Illness plan, you will be automatically rolled over to the new plan with the same volume. If already enrolled, you do not need to take any action unless you want to add dependents, drop or make changes to your coverage elections.


1. New Attained Age Rates – The VOYA Critical Illness rates are based on your attained age, similar to the voluntary supplemental life insurance plan. This is a change however, from the Aflac plan, which was based on your age as of the original effective date when you elected the coverage. This change will save almost every employee money on this coverage, while also allowing Big G to streamline the enrollment process for everyone in the future.

2. Child Coverage – Previously, child coverage was included at a benefit amount equal to 25% of what the employee elected for Critical Illness coverage. On the new VOYA Critical Illness plan, children can be enrolled with either a $5,000 or $10,000 benefit. If you are currently enrolled in Critical Illness and have dependent children listed in Paycom, your eligible dependent children will be automatically enrolled in the new Voya plan with $5,000. The cost to have this $5,000 benefit on all children (regardless of how many) is $.24 per week per employee.

a. Example – John Doe is currently enrolled in the Aflac Critical Illness plan with a $20,000 benefit. John also has children. Under the Aflac plan, children were automatically covered with a benefit amount of equal to 25% of his elected amount (25% of $20,000 = $5,000). John also has his children enrolled on the Big G medical plan which means they are listed in the Paycom system. With the new Voya plan, John will be automatically enrolled with the same $20,000 benefit for himself and $5,000 for his children. If your dependents are not listed for any reason in the Paycom system and you want them to be covered on the Critical Illness plan, you will need log in to Paycom to add and enroll your eligible dependent children in the Critical Illness plan.



Click here for Open Enrollment Instructions on Paycom

If you have questions, please contact Human Resources Team:

Dawn: 931-680-3531

Casey: 931-680-3193

Amanda: 931-680-3523

Thank you,

Amanda Forst, HR Manager