ESOP BINGO 5/24/19 & 4 Bonus!

“B” – “Employee Ownership Month” : We celebrate Employee Ownership Month in October each year!

“I” – “Swerdlin” : Swerdlin is our third party administrator (TPA) or “record keeper” for our ESOP plan. They create our statements, coordinate our distributions, and make sure we are following the plan!

“O” – “$44.76” : Our 2017 stock price was $44.76. We will find out our 2018 stock price at our Annual ESOP meeting July 13th!

“B” – “Years of Service” : We receive shares based on “years of service” at Big G/IKE and compensation.

“N” – “ESOP” : Employee Stock Ownership Plan

ESOP BINGO 5/23 & 2 Bonus!

Today’s BINGO is “N” – “Beneficiary”

The beneficiary is the person who will receive the ESOP benefit upon death of the participant. There is a “beneficiary form” that is completed at the time of hire, and you will want to make sure you update the form if there are any changes in your personal life. If you name anyone other than your legal spouse as your beneficiary, you must have the form signed by your spouse and notarized. Please contact HR if you have any questions or need to update your beneficiary form.


“G” – “July 13th” – Our annual ESOP Meeting will be held on Saturday July 13th at the Nashville Zoo and you and your immediate family are invited. We will be announcing our 2018 stock price! Hope you plan to join us!

“N” – “3 Years 100% Vested” –  Vesting is the process by which you accumulate a right to your account. Once you have worked at Big G/IKE 3 years, you are 100% vested. If you leave before you are vested in the plan, you forfeit your shares.

ESOP BINGO – 5/22/19 & 2 Bonus!


“O” – “Pride of Ownership” – Employee Owners feel “pride” in our company! Check out our testimonial with Casius as he was out on the yard shining his wheels! Talk about PRIDE! Click Here

“B” – “Retirement” – Our ESOP is a FREE RETIREMENT Benefit! What are your plans for retirement?

“I” – “ESOP” – Employee Stock Ownership Plan!

ESOP BINGO – 5/21 & 2 Bonus

Today’s BINGO is “N” – “401K”

Big G Express 401k plan matches 10% of your contribution up to 15% of your salary. For example: If you contribute $100, Big G would match $10. You are eligible to sign up for the 401k on the 1st of the month following your first 90 days.


“O” – “Vested”

Vested Balance – This is the amount of your Total ESOP Account which cannot be forfeited in
the event of your termination. It is derived by multiplying your vested percent by your ending
balance. Vested Percent is the nonforfeitable percentage of your account balance based on
your years of service and accrues as follows:
Vesting Service                           % Vested
Less than 3 years                             0%
3 or more years                              100%

“G” – “Eligible”

You are “eligible” to participate in the ESOP on July 1st or January 1st following your year anniversary. For example: If you are hired on 5/11/18, you would be eligible to participate in the ESOP on July 1, 2019.


Today’s ESOP BINGO: “G” 1995

Big G Express was founded in 1995 and we will be celebrating our 25 Year Anniversary next year!


“I” – “Allocation”

Eligible participants receive an annual “allocation” of shares (on December 31st). The allocation is based on compensation and years of service. Even though the allocation happens at the end of a plan year, we get our statements showing the allocation and stock price mid year – this year it is set for July 13th announcement and statements sent after that meeting.

“I” – “Trustee”

Big G Express ESOP “Trustee” is First Bankers Trust. The trustee is responsible for looking out for the best interest of all the participants in the plan. They also hire the valuaton firm to determine our stock value annually and make sure we are in compliance with all the rules and regulations! Here is a video we filmed (several years ago) of a representative from our trustee and valuation firm explaining their role in our ESOP!


ESOP BINGO – 5/19/19

Today’s ESOP BINGO is “G” – “2009”

Big G became 100% Employee Owned in 2009!


“O” – “Not publicly traded

Big G Express is not publicly traded, but privately held. Our stock is not sold in the stock exchange and we don’t see a different price daily based on the market (who is buying and selling stock). Our stock value is determined once a year by an independent valuation firm. They are determining the fair market value of Big G Express – or what a willing buyer would pay for our company.

“B” – “Annual Statement”

We receive an annual statement showing our stock price, number of shares in our “ESOP” account, and total value of our retirement benefit. The statement is “as of” the end of the prior year. We will receive our 2018 Statement in the mail after our July 13th meeting. If you come to the ESOP meeting on July 13th, we will be handing out statements there!

ESOP BINGO – 5.18.19

Today’s ESOP BINGO is “I” – “Years of Service”

“Year of Service” is defined as a plan year (Jan 1 – Dec 31) in which you work 1,000 or more hours. Your share of the employer contribution made to the plan for the plan year is allocated prorata to all eligible plan participants based on allocation points. You will receive 1 point for each $200 of Plan Compensation plus 10 points for each Year of Service.

Bonus – “I” – “Stock”

The “S” in ESOP stands for “STOCK”! Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Bonus – “N” – “100% Employee Owned”

Big G Express is 100% Employee Owned – 100% of the stock in Big G Express is owned by the ESOP Trust and stock is allocated to eligible participants each year.

ESOP BINGO – 5/17/19

Today’s ESOP BINGO is “B” – Teamwork

It takes teamwork for Big G Express to be successful!

Together Everyone Achieves More

BONUS: “N” – Shares

Shares in Big G Express are allocated based on years of service and compensation. Remember you do not pay for the shares – they are free! Shares are allocated once a year and you receive an annual statement showing the shares you have in your account as of the end of the plan year (December 31st). We announce our 2018 Stock Price at the annual meeting on July 13th and will hand our statements at the meeting for those who are there and others will be mailed the following week.

ESOP BINGO – 5/16/19

Today’s ESOP Bingo is – “G” – “Swerdlin”

Swerdlin and Associates is our 3rd party administrator (or record keeper) for our ESOP Plan. They create allocate the shares, create our statements, send distribution forms, and distribute the money or roll over to 401k.


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