The Customer Focus Training – Introduction to Buddy Rice

IKE Transportation and Big G Express is most successful because of you, our people! Two years ago we started building a customer service training program with Buddy Rice called The Customer Focus. This program allows us to invest and help you grow in YOUR professional and personal lives and it is also consist of ways to take care of our internal customers (each other) and our external customers. Going forward we will be sending short videos that talk about key points in the program, the first one being an introduction to Buddy Rice and an overview of The Customer Focus.

Nashville Sounds Baseball Game Family Event – Reserve Your Seats!

IKE Transportation and Big G Express invite you and your family to celebrate Employee Ownership at the Nashville Sounds Baseball Game! We will have a table set up to give out tickets at will call. Your seats will be in a section with IKE and Big G employees and we will have a buffet with food and drinks available. Please reserve your tickets below! Call Jodi at 931-680-3243 if you have any questions.

Nashville Sounds Baseball Game Saturday August 19th at 7pm


Click here to reserve tickets for the Nashville Sounds Game


Last Chance to Schedule Your Individual Health Check Screening!

If you’ve missed our on-sites and still want to save on your insurance premiums- you have the option to have Hooper Homes come to your house.  You must schedule your in home appointment by July 16, 2017.

Online Health Assessments must be completed or no discounts will be applied.


Last chance to schedule your health screening and save money on your premiums!


  1. Call Hooper Holmes at 1-877-442-3935 Option 5 between now and July 16, 2017.
  2. Verify your contact information, address, and company with the Hooper Holmes representative to schedule your appointment.
  • If a representative is unavailable to schedule your screening appointment, please leave a message and a representative will contact you within 1-business days to schedule a time and date that works best for you.



Did you know that just by participating in this program you can save $624 on single coverage and $1,248 on family coverage on your annual health insurance premiums? All you have to do is do the health screening and complete a short Health Risk Assessment survey!

On top of that, if you participate, are nicotine free, AND achieve the health score outcome then you can save $1,248 on single coverage and $2,496 on family coverage for your annual health insurance premiums.


Please reach out to HealthCheck360° Support at or 1-866-511-0360.

Let Us Know What You Think!

Do you have suggestion or feedback you would like to share? You can call the STRIVE Hotline at 931-684-9140 extension 8132 and leave a message any time or

CLICK HERE to enter your suggestion! We ask for your name if you would like for us to respond to you directly, but you certainly have the option to leave an anonymous suggestion.

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

Real People: REAL MONEY 2016 Stock Price Update

Sometimes it is hard to imagine what an awesome benefit the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is for everyone (especially as a new hire). I have taken three drivers with hire dates in 2013, 2008, and 2004 as examples to show how the stock price increases over time have resulted in significant increases in the driver retirement accounts. The last column shows the increase these drivers have seen in just 2 years (from 2014 to 2016)! We had 53 new participants who received their first statement in 2016 and the average account balance was $4,187 for that first allocation.  If you have questions, feel free to call Jodi Lamb at 931-680-3243!

$8.5 Million in Vested Driver Retirement Accounts!

Big G’s ESOP has has invested over $8.5 MILLION in vested driver accounts as of the end of 2016!

In order to be a participant in the ESOP, you must be employed for one year and enter the following July 1 or January 1 after your year anniversary (for IKE you would start counting after the June 1, 2016 acquisition). If you were working for IKE before the Big G acquisition last year, your entry date into the plan would be July 1, 2017 and you will receive your first ESOP statement next summer. If you have any questions, just give me a call at 931-680-3243!

Mandatory Open Enrollment Coming Up

 Big G Express/Ike Transportation Presents…




 Aflac reps will be enrolling employees in ALL benefit options during open enrollment for 2017-18 on an online platform built specifically for Big G Express and Ike Transportation.

 Aflac will be scheduling MANDATORY 30 minute blocks of time for you to meet an enroller.

 Open enrollment (mandatory for all benefits) will be JULY 5 to AUGUST 7- effective September 1, 2017

 Chuck Farmer (615-417-0611) and Ruth Farmer (615-417-5214) will be our main contacts. Be looking for them to contact you.

The Duck Is Coming!

Aflac plans pay YOU cash!  When you are sick or injured, Aflac pays YOU instead of doctors or hospitals and the cash you receive from Aflac can be used for personal and household expenses like mortgage, car payment, groceries, utilities, childcare, etc.

 **AFLAC Pays, YOU Choose**

$ Protect Your Income $

  • Aflac programs pay 100% cash benefits to you regardless of any other coverage.
  • Three Programs to choose from- (Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer)
  • Policies are 100% portable, 100% voluntary & guaranteed renewable. They follow you and rates do not increase!