7/13/18 Payroll Update, Load Information and Qualcomm Macro

In an effort to provide you information on the trips being paid on the upcoming payroll, we are modifying the current macro to only show trips and associated mileage.  The gross pay and net pay that you are currently seeing are not accurate totals.  Please disregard those amounts.  We apologize for any misunderstanding that this has caused this week.

Paycom Update – Delaying the Transition

Good Morning! Paycom Update: In an effort to ensure that all payroll information was transferred to Paycom correctly and make sure our first payroll with Paycom goes as smoothly as possible, we have made the decision to delay processing payroll in Paycom this week. Our goal is to process payroll with the new system next week, but we will not do that unless we are confident that each employee owners’ check will be calculated correctly. We appreciate your patience through this transition and we are confident that when the new system is up and running it will provide many efficiencies and enhancements to our current system. You will be able to view your payroll information this week like you have in the past. Thank you! Randy

Annual ESOP Meeting Saturday June 30th & Guess the Stock Price Contest!

Our Annual ESOP Meeting & Country Ham Breakfast will be held Saturday June 30th at 8am at the Blue Ribbon Circle in Shelbyville, TN!

We will be announcing our 2017 stock price at the meeting, but let’s have a little fun GUESSING the STOCK PRICE! If you are the closest guess, you win a $100 gift card!

CLICK HERE to enter the “Guess the Stock Price Contest” and let us know if you plan to attend the breakfast on June 30th